Available Roles

We still have quite a few Greens of Colour committee roles available, each role will require around 6 hours a week of your time:

  • Elections Officer – Setting and delivering a strategy for how we can campaign to get Greens of Colour elected, and mobilise PoC from all across England and Wales to get involved in local and national election campaigns
  • Regional Officer – Generating plans to recruit and retain members in the regional area, including attending regional meetings and updating the Committee on any updates or news that needs action. Finding ways to support Greens of Colour candidates in the area.
  • Campaigns Officer – Working with various stakeholders to develop effective and exciting Greens of Colour campaigns, and supporting the creation and distribution of resources and training to groups and the membership.
  • Events Officer – Coordinating Greens of Colour bi-annual events in Spring and Autumn, as well as others tied into the team strategy.
  • Press Officer – Setting and delivering a strategy for our press work, including cultivating a broad list of press contacts, sourcing and editing articles from key GoC, and making recommendations for pitching stories, interviews and press coverage tied to the team strategy.
  • International Officer – Coordinating with the Global Greens and Federation of European Greens, and other BAME/PoC interest, activist or campaign groups to support cross-border collaboration, awareness, campaigns and learning.  We welcome applications to cover specific regions, please see the Our People page to determine which regions are not represented.

Apply below

If you are interested in any of the above roles please:

  1. Read the Committee Member Expectations document
  2. contact us via the form below, specifying:
    • the role you are interested in and why
    • what local green party group you are part of/ closest to
    • what are your interests
    • anything else you want to tell us about yourself
Cllr Kaltum
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