Greens of Colour Committee Member Expectations

Greens of Colour (GoC) are a subgroup within the Green Party of England & Wales (GPEW), set up under the rules of GPEW on the same basis as its other subgroup.

This document has been created to outline the roles, responsibilities and expectations of the elected or appointed GoC Committee Members.

Failure to comply with the basics set out in the document could give cause for any GoC member or Committee Member to call a vote for the resignation of your role.

GoC Committee Members will consist of:

  • Chair
  • Deputy Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Secretary
  • Policy officer
  • Membership officer

Additional non-mandatory roles could be:

  • Events officer
  • Internal communications
  • Local party Officer

You will be required to organise and attend AGM meetings preparing reports for the membership.

You will attend in person or virtual GoC Committee Meetings.

Any committee member that does not attend at least 3 months of committee meetings will be asked to reinstate their commitment or asked to vacate the position.

Complete actions from the meeting in a timely manner. No later than two committee meetings.