Nominations now open!

Nominations are now open for the 2023 Greens of Colour Committee!

Our dear friends, thank you for your support of Greens of Colour this year.

You have enabled all our achievements. Indeed, your 2021-22 Committee will share their Annual Report soon.

Now, could you consider taking on a Committee role, to help further advance Greens of Colour within the Green Party of England and Wales, and beyond?

Your Greens of Colour Committee has three types of roles.  Firstly, there are Constitutional positions,

  • Chair
  • Deputy or Co-Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Membership Officer
  • Communications and Marketing

These are elected.

On the Nomination Form, you will also see there are additional roles available, such as External Relations, Regional or you can suggest a role you’d like to fulfil.   So please consider putting yourself forward, especially for those key roles listed above, and please encourage Greens of Colour you know to nominate themselves too!

The deadline for nominations is Fri 11 Nov 2022.  Results will be announced at your Greens of Colour AGM online on Sat 26 Nov 2022.

Please note: Any role can be a role-share. In elections, a role-share counts as a single candidate. To stand as a role-share, only complete the Nomination Form once, but list everyone involved. Allies may stand with a Green of Colour to role-share any Constitutional role, with the exception of Chair.  Allies may also stand for non-Constitutional roles.

Voting will take place online, and if you are a Greens of Colour member, you will be sent details soon by our external Electoral Returning Officer, Sam Alston.


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