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Good intentions are not enough

Written by Rosi Sexton The last few months have been full on. It seems half a lifetime ago, but in reality it’s only been four months since I made the decision to stand for the leadership of the Green Party. There were several things that motivated that decision, but one in particular was the need […]

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Cruise Ships and Ecoprotection

Written By Rosey Thomas Palmer BBC World Service 1.30am, 8.9.20, reported on seabed damage in waters surrounding the Bahamas. The report revealed that drifting anchors have damaged the sea floor and killed coral reefs, the effluent from the vessels is illegally released into the waters and plastics waste is arbitrarily dumped. Since cruise passengers are […]

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Black History and the English Novel

Written by Rosey Thomas Palmer The Insidious power of education to influence selectivity of thought, thereby shaping culture, is demonstrated by the nineteenth century coexistence of classical education in boys’ schools  and adult involvement in ”Empire building”. Meanwhile, the emphasis of girls’ education was on comportment and the arts in order to fit them for […]

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Statement on Diversity in Nature Orgs

Written By Edward Saul After reading Sorrel Lyall’s article in Rare Bird Alert, “Birding in the UK: Where Are the People Like Me?”, I reached out to Ms. Lyall to discuss her findings and possible actions that can be taken to create an environment that prioritises EDI – Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity – in nature […]

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Q&A with Leadership Candidates

We asked all of our Leadership and Deputy Leadership candidates to answer the following questions, that were asked during our hustings but we didn’t have enough time to ask them. 1) There is a general lack of understanding of the political system in society – what role could the Green Party in improving the electorate’s […]

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Seven-Seven-Twenty 9 A M

Written by Rosmary Palmer Dry tears choke My eyes Throat wretches for Sorrow. Breath bites in Jerks. Today’s “perpetuation” Outlined By Ramocan on Radio, Challenges sores lain Under After so many years That we Forgot when cuts came and Were given True and open words of Modern revolt To be faced in schools, on air, […]

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