Kathryn Bristow - LGBTIQA+ Officer, Regional Officer (South West) & Policy Officer


An avid local campaigner, I've helped in elections across Bristol, where I wasn't born, but it is my adopted hometown and there is no other city I love more.

I am a member of the Green Party to further climate and social justice.
My vision of the future is one where our planet comes before business interests and as an intersectional feminist, I work for a society where noone is disadvantaged and everyone is celebrated for who they are.

Some of the issues I campaign on are:

LGBTIQA+ rights, including access to public services, body autonomy and all identities being equally recognised.

The decarbonisation and reorganisation of the economy to a holistic model.

Sex work to be decriminalised and be seen as legitimate work.

Recognising that people are disabled by society, not by ability and the need to stop valuing people by their economic output.

Reparations for groups who have been exploited for profit by governments and corporations, especially those who have been affected by the transatlantic slave trade and colonisation.

My pronouns are She/Her