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Book Review – The Children of the Anthropocene by Bella Lack

Jun 30, 2022 / Comentarios desactivados en Book Review – The Children of the Anthropocene by Bella Lack

The Children of the Anthropocene by Bella Lack Review by Lydia Ayame Hiraide Greens of Colour, Green Party of England and Wales The Children of the Anthropocene is a rallying cry for all of us everywhere to carefully consider our relationships with other humans and other life on this planet. How can we live more equitably, more sustainably? With more kindness and more care? These are the questions at the heart of Bella Lack’s new book – and she answers them by centring the voices of those who are often silenced or ignored when it comes to environmental solution building. Bella Lack’s new book is a moving collection of young people’s climate stories from around the world. Following a foreword from Greta Thunberg, Lack weaves the voices of a wide range […]

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Get involved with the Deyika Fund!

May 31, 2022 / 0

The Deyika Fund was set up in honour of Deyika Nzeribe who was an inspiring member of the Green Party of England and Wales, and sadly died suddenly during his campaign as 2017 Green candidate for Greater Manchester Mayor. The Deyika Nzeribe Fund was set up to support the engagement, development and election of Global South heritage candidates. Ria Patel – who was Chair of the Fund – has been doing excellent work keeping the Deyika Fund moving. Sadly, after being elected to Croydon Council (cue cheers!), Ria is stepping down as Chair on the Deyika Fund (cue sad faces!). We are wishing Ria every best success in their new role and are grateful for all the work they have done on the Deyika Fund. And this is where you […]

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Gearing up for GPEx and Deputy Leader elections

May 31, 2022 / 0

  The Green Party Executive and Deputy Leader elections are coming up very soon and there are a bunch of roles to run for. You could be the new… Chair, Campaigns Co-ordinator, Elections Co-ordinator, External Communications Co-ordinator, Management Co-Ordinator, International Co-Ordinator or Trade Union Liaison Officer! If any of these roles sound like they could be for you, then now is the time to get your nomination together! We would love to see more GoC representation across the party and really encourage you to nominate yourselves. If you’re interested but feeling a bit uncertain, there is an information event for prospective GPEx candidates on 7 June, 18.30-19.30 – you can register for it here. Nominations for all of the above roles will open at 10am on Wednesday 1st June 2022 and close at noon on […]

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Celebrating Greens of Colour wins in May’s local elections!

May 31, 2022 / 0

The Green Party is celebrating another year of breakthrough results in the local council elections, with gains made from Labour and the Conservatives all across the country! This year many people have voted for fairer, Greener communities. They have voted to do politics differently and to make a real change in their local communities. With your support, we saw the election of lots of new GoC councillors and we can’t wait to see the fantastic work they do in their new roles. This couldn’t have happened without you. Your support ensures that we continue to increase GoC representation at the local level which we know is extremely important for enhancing democracy and driving political change. We are celebrating some of our magnificent new GoC councillors such as… Cllr Benali Hamdache Ward: […]

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Greens of Colour at Spring Conference 2022

Mar 30, 2022 / 0

Get your round-up from the Greens of Colour at Spring Conference 2022… By Paul Beswick, 2021-22 Co-Secretary, Greens of Colour  Trying to make sure Green Party Conference is as high profile an event for Greens of Colour as possible has become something of a tradition for the GoC committee in recent years; the crystal clear message of Azzees Minott to Autumn Conference 2020 that ‘there is no social justice without racial justice, and no climate justice without racial justice’, and the incredibly powerful, inspiring and intersectional speech by Dzaier Neil at Autumn Conference 2021 on the absolute necessity of our becoming a much more inclusive and diverse organization in future, have done much to shift the all-too-common perception that the Green Party is just another outlet for white middle class […]

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Mar 17, 2022 / 0

We are horrified to learn of the experiences of Child Q, a Black girl who was strip searched by police officers at her Hackney school because of suspected cannabis possession. Our thoughts are with the young person and her family. We hope that they can hear the national outrage and solidarity being expressed from all corners of society at what they have been subjected to. We want to express our outrage at the actions on the part of Hackney authorities. This child was failed and violated by people who are meant to keep her safe. Hackney Council’s safeguarding report details how the professionals failed to take a safeguarding first approach. The institutions that failed in their duties in the first instance were the school and the police, in particular the […]

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Greens of Colour at Autumn Conference 2021

Ene 30, 2022 / 0

Get your round-up from the Greens of Colour at Autumn Conference 2021… By Paul Beswick, 2021-22 Co-Secretary, Greens of Colour  To suggest barely catching my train, finding a seat and then arriving at Birmingham New Street on Friday 22nd October with barely enough time to find my (terrifyingly expensive) hotel and the (far from Covid-secure) Conference Venue before the ‘Greens of Colour Speech’ was stressful, is to understate the situation many of us found ourselves in, trying to help make this Hybrid Green Party Autumn Conference a success: but it’s no exaggeration to state that Dzaier Neil’s truly groundbreaking, intersectional and inspiring presentation, to a standing room only conference hall – she followed straight after our new Leaders, Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay – reminded me why I’d made the […]

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Our Voices: Selina Nwulu Interviews Pallavi

Ene 30, 2022 / 1

This article was inspired by an interview with Selina Nwulu, on behalf of Impact for Urban Health, conducted on the 13th Dec 2021 1-2pm. Thanks, Selina! Selina got in touch through our fantastic Greens of Colour co-Secretary AC; she had asked if anyone could speak to her about Air Pollution as part of a 10 year research project for Impact for Urban health which is in its first year now. The questions mostly centred around me, my activism journey, how and why I got involved in activism and what, in my opinion, needs to happen now, both in terms of support needed and outcomes desired regarding air pollution. As we enter the new year in possibly the most important decade for human civilization, its ever more important for green activists […]

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GPEX Leadership Hustings

Sep 16, 2021 / Comentarios desactivados en GPEX Leadership Hustings

Greens of Colour hosted a hustings Following the hustings, we asked candidates to answer the questions that were not answered on the day in written form below. We also strongly suggested that they stick to a maximum of a 150 word limit for each question but we did not edit their response to fit this word count. We asked this so members did not have to read pages and pages of candidate responses. Please see below the written questions: Q8: “Given that 25% of the UK population are Disabled, and People of Colour are a majority, what actions are you taking to better understand and practically support Disabled People of Colour at a UK national level?”   There is unfortunately still a lot of prejudice around disability and the proportion […]

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Mini Weather Maxi Meanings

May 18, 2021 / Comentarios desactivados en Mini Weather Maxi Meanings

Written By Rosey Thomas Palmer As an allotment gardener based in the East Midlands, I invite us to talk to bird watchers and to our fellow gardeners. Recent BBC information is that swifts migrate in April, build nests, incubate their eggs for 20 days, nurture their first brood of young for 20 days then reuse their nest for a second brood. Hearing this in the second week of May, I wondered, since they were currently building their nests if they would have time for a second brood? My bird-watcher friend did not make a clear connection when she said, “For the past few years this has been their time but swifts are rarely seen in our locality now.” Regarding my own foraging, the last day of night frost was experienced […]

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