The current political system is broken and untrustworthy.  We need people who genuinely care about their community, and don't just come out at elections. Before I joined, I saw Green Party members stand up for social justice in the community. Then I realised that the Green Party does politics differently.

Azzees Minott  - Former GoC Chair

I joined in 2004 to counter a government that had taken us into an illegal war, ignored huge protests against war, privatisation and neoliberalism. Since then I’ve stood for election, been a councillor, been part of local and national campaigns, and been one of those many radical dissenting voices.

Samir Jeraj

What the Green Party means to me is that, it is genuinely the party that stands for people and social justice, and I know I can add more value the great work the party is already doing.

Councillor Kaltum Osman - Sheffield