Article 1: Name, Membership and Aims

1.1 Greens of Colour (GoC) are a caucus within the Green Party of England & Wales (GPEW), set up under the rules of GPEW on the same basis as its other caucuses.

1.2 The GoC encourages all Black, Asian and other people of colour (POC) to join

1.3 The GoC will work to promote POC rights, unity, perspective and history. It shall do this by putting forward relevant policy and campaign proposals to GPEW and promoting POC issues within GPEW and wider society

1.4 The aims of GoC shall be to:

  • To support the Party in communicating and engaging with communities of colour
  • To promote the POC-friendly policies and approach of the party
  • Further good relations between GPEW and POC groups, campaigns and organisations nationally and internationally
  • 1.5 Membership of GoC shall be open to any current PoC of GPEW. Associate membership shall be open to non-PoC members who support the objectives of GoC. Associate members may be invited to attend meetings, although will not have a vote at any meetings.

    1.6 An individual’s membership of the GoC can be permanently terminated by an absolute two-thirds majority vote of the Executive Committee with the agreement of the Chair. Where the individual is a member of those committees, they will not be able to vote on or be required to approve the termination and the absolute two-thirds majority will exclude that individual.

    1.7 Termination of membership can only occur if their membership is considered to be detrimental to the work of the GoC. Prior to that, however, the Green Party Complaints and Disputes Procedure should have been used.

    1.8 Members are to submit complaints based on breaches of the GoC Constitution, Green Party Constitution, Green Party Standing Orders, Green Party Code of Conduct or any other organisational policies of the Green Party of England and Wales, including anti-harassment and Safe Space policies.

    Article 2: Executive Committee

    2.1 The GoC Executive Committee shall be the organising committee of GoC.

    2.2 The committee shall take necessary roles & responsibilities to facilitate the aims of the GoC

    2.3 GoC Committee Members will consist of:

  • Chair
  • Deputy Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Policy Officer
  • Membership Officer
  • 2.4 Additional non-mandatory roles could be:

  • Events officer
  • Internal communications
  • Local party Officer
  • Administrator
  • Training Officer
  • Nominations/Elections Officer
  • 2.5 The Executive Committee shall normally be elected following an AGM. Voting shall take place through STV. A quorum for the AGM shall consist of 10 members. The quorate will be reviewed after 4 years

    2.6 The committee shall be gender-balanced (at least six non-male) and composed of: A quorum for a committee meeting will be five.

  • A reserved place for self-identifying woman
  • A reserved place for LGBTIQ+ person
  • A reserved place for non-male LGBTIQ+ person
  • A reserved place for disabled person
  • A reserved place for low income background
  • A reserved place for a Senior Green (50 or over)
  • Six open place
  • 2.7 Committee meetings shall take place when necessary between other meetings.

    2.8 GoC Committee members may take decisions or communicate on behalf of GoC between ordinary meetings of GoC on matters that arise during these times; decisions must be taken by majority of committee members‏.

    2.9 The Committee shall be responsible for the production of a bi- annual written report to the membership, including a report for the AGM. This shall be sent to the membership no later than two weeks prior to this meeting.

    Article 3: committee Meetings

    3.1 An ordinary meeting of GoC shall take place at the Green Party conference.

    3.2 The Committee shall also be responsible for arranging an AGM meeting at Green Party Conference or outside, the time and location, of conference (whichever is best for the majority of the membership).

    3.3 Other meetings, organised by the GoC can be open to GoC members, non-PoC and other affiliate groups but non-members cannot vote on matters relating to GoC and should ensure that this meeting will not bring the Green Party into disrepute.

    3.4 Extra Ordinary General Meetings (EGMs) can be called by petition of 25% of GoC members. EGMs can consider and enact motions to re-elect the Committee. At all meetings, every effort shall be made to reach decisions by consensus. In the absence of consensus, decisions shall be made by a simple majority vote. Contentious or tied issues may be decided by a poll of all GoC members.

    3.5 GoC sub-committees or sub-groups involving other members of GoC and/or the wider party may form.

    3.6 GoC may raise funds on its own behalf or for GPEW or for campaigns in line with GPEW policy. These should be spent on activities to promote the group’s aims, as outlined above.

    3.7 GoC shall have the ability to affiliate regional GoC groups, subject to a formal written agreement and terms of reference agreed by both parties. Affiliated groups and local parties will be expected to produce a written report for consideration at the AGM and shall be sent to the GoC Committee no less than three weeks prior to this date. GoC shall also have the ability to affiliate to any groups that fulfil its aims and objective.

    3.8 The GoC committee reserves the right to disaffiliate any group if it feels they are bringing the GoC into disrepute. Any decision to disaffiliate a group would be open to appeal at the next national meeting of the GoC.

    Article 4: Safe Spaces Policy

    4.1 The GoC are committed to providing an environment free of racism, sexism,ableism, homophobia, transphobia, religious discrimination or any other types of oppression, including, but not limited to, oppression against non-binary identities and sex workers.

    4.2 The GoC are committed to providing an environment free of bullying, name calling or any forms of abusive behaviour.

    4.3 The GoC are committed to challenging these types of oppression whenever they occur in GoC spaces.

    4.4 The GoC are committed to having a victim centred approach when safe spaces are jeopardised.

    4.5 When it comes from outside of the GoC but within the Green Party, individuals in the GoC are encouraged to report all forms of oppression or discrimination including hate crime to the Green Party of England and Wales through the standard complaints procedures for further investigation into these matters.