Azzees Minott - Chair

  • Barking Dagenham and Havering Green Party Member.
  • Dagenham and Rainham PCC 2019.
  • Previous Policy researcher and advisor to Sian Berry AM, Caroline Russell AM and Baroness Jenny Jones.
  • Previous campaign manager to Warwick and Leamington Green Party Group.

I realised that the Greens are the only ones bold enough to set out the vision of how we want the world to be.  We are willing to work towards it despite the current and/or perceived challenges.

Our policies on the economy, policing and transport are really important to creating the society we deserve.  And so desperately need to address systemic inequalities and out of control consumerism.

As Chair of the Greens of Colour, my role is to support the strategy and drive the vision for the group.

I have the ambition for the Greens of Colour to be the most prominent and attractive liberation group to all people of colour in England and Wales.

My pronouns are She/Her