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Preparing for Cop 26

Written By Rosey Thomas Palmer

Climate Justice

Photo by Vincent M.A. Janssen from Pexels

This preparation for Cop 26 rests on a promise found in holy writings: “The sun shall not smite you by day nor the moon by night.” Participation in Cop 26’s climate deliberations is modelled by leaders of Catholic and Islamic faith groups. Of parallel importance is the capacity of green organisations to moderate and enhance deliberations.

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was established on 21 March 1994. Its membership is 197 countries. This group’s shared urgency to prioritize climate vulnerability must be developed in a context of biological equality between and within species.

Green groups should work to achieve a united platform from which to critique and support 2021 deliberations. Ahead of the conference deep divisions about vaccines, poverty, inadequate benefits and reduced overseas aid require examination. Recognition of historical wrongs, divisions of interests, and exclusions/inclusions in the decision making demand analysis and articulation. A resulting strong and balanced platform will facilitate detailed, itemised measures that are necessary to promote planetary protection.

Wider national and international debates often polarise issues, the practice of demonising and justifying stakeholders and their various interests fracture intentions and delay progress. Another faith quote, “The sun rises over the just and the unjust” urges us to take a stand knowing that powerful lobbies will be in attendance at COP 26. To ensure a large green presence in Glasgow, Greens of Colour need to plan annual leave and personal budgets for significant representation in Glasgow from 1to12 Nov 2021.

The following extracts show how Greens of Colour can plan their impact
To be in the negotiating space you need either to be attached to the national delegation, a registered media participant or part of a registered observer delegation. Each observer organisation who applies to attend COP26 will be allocated a quota for the number of participants. Official side events and exhibition stands for the negotiation area have to be applied for through the UNFCCC website in summer 2021.

The official ‘green zone’ which is much more widely accessible to a wider attendance, though participants should apply in advance for access, keep an eye on the official web pages for details. This provides exhibition space, meeting rooms and events space, country pavilions and much more.