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Ecoexperience in Inner London

Written By Rosey Thomas Palmer


Contacted after an interview on BBC radio, a lead worker in an urban stables, Naomi Howgate, shows how London youth can enjoy a pastime that is usually associated with a rural childhood

Naomi writes that Ebony Horse Club "aims to raise aspirations and life skills of young people through horses, horse riding and youth work activities. The club provides riding lessons to around 150 youngsters every week between the ages of eight and 18, all of whom come from in and around Brixton.The centre is based in the Coldharbour Ward of Lambeth where the vast majority of young people would have no access to the sport.."

Noami explains that services are costed for affordability to young people facing challenges in home life, parenting and social activities. "As well as riding lessons we also provide horse care sessions, structured volunteering for both our young members and adults, youth work activities such as workshops, trips and residentials plus work experience".

Greens of Colour, who seek to connect with animals and to generate respect for the natural environment, applaud this work as a significant contribution to equality of opportunity in a diverse neighbourhood.