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Cruise Ships and Ecoprotection

Written By Rosey Thomas Palmer

cruse ship

BBC World Service 1.30am, 8.9.20, reported on seabed damage in waters surrounding the Bahamas.

The report revealed that drifting anchors have damaged the sea floor and killed coral reefs, the effluent from the vessels is illegally released into the waters and plastics waste is arbitrarily dumped. Since cruise passengers are a valuable and repeatable source of income for the islands, cruise ships have been encouraged to dock there. Large fines are charged for Infringements of eco-controls but not large enough to deter shipping lines whose profits can evidently withstand the loss.

Such a case underlines one world responsibilities for those who value our planet. Respect for marine life, oceanic integrity and pollution free waters are factors for consideration by tourists attracted to life at sea.


This example of a small economy being held to ransom by lucrative businesses can be replicated across the Caribbean and likely throughout the Pacific as well. Whether choices are made for leisure pursuits, holidays, convalescence or retirement, Green aware travellers may wish to add this issue to their itinerary planning and information searches. Ultimate decisions between land and sea holidays and about how destinations are reached can only be ethical when validated by knowledge.