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Of Course not, But of Course

Written By Rosemary Palmer

I am not treating your tactics as terrorism
When you beat down a lone black nurse for access to her car;
When you selfie dead faces and pass them on:
These actions are not terrorism.

When you open fire on young black men
And turn a blank gaze on
Illegal abuse. This is not

When your advances imply
Single mums have no power
And your cordons hold back BLMatters:
This is not terrorism.

Whilst deaf to ground swells of professionals
Complaining of institutional racism
Showing how it is reflected in education,
Health care, careers and prisons:
This is not terrorism.

It is, it was, it will always be.
Don't turn the evidence
Back on us. Don't talk of Brixton, Streatham, Manchester.
Just admit institutional terrorism
Polices us who really matter.